About Ryan Griffiths

Ryan Griffiths is an ex-professional soccer player who went vegan in 2014 after suffering multiple injuries at the age of 32. Ryan thought, “this is it, this is what happens to athletes when they are over 30”

After witnessing Nate Diaz’s victory over Connor McGregor in the UFC, I explored the benefits of a plant-based diet. My research led me to various documentaries featuring successful athletes who swear by veganism. Additionally, documentaries such as Cowspiracy shed light on the detrimental impact of animal agriculture on animal welfare and the environment. Determined to make a change, I took the plunge and went cold turkey. This gave me another 8 years of playing as a pro soccer player, and I haven’t looked back.

Playing Career

At just 17 years old, Griffiths kicked off his professional career with a bang, scoring four goals in his first ten appearances for Northern Spirit. Catching the eye of several Australian clubs, he ultimately signed with Newcastle United Jets for two years alongside his former youth team coach, Ian Crook, and Gary van Egmond. His impressive performances earned him a spot on the Olyroos Australian Olympic Games team, where he played during the 2004 Athens Olympics. Soon after, English clubs began to show interest, and Griffiths was close to signing with Stoke City. However, he was unable to join the club due to visa restrictions. Instead, he joined National Bucharest in Romania’s Divizia A, where he played for two seasons and even earned offers from some of the biggest teams in Eastern Europe.